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Date: 12/20/00

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    Why does a coup have to take the form it took in Chile? The American people
    voted for one man, and the other candidate's governor brother led the finagling
    of the process of barring people from voting in the latter's state, while the
    Supreme Court violated its own stated principles against judicial activism, as
    well as logic and common sense, to give the loser the presidency. I voted
    Nader.              Bill Mandel
    Jesse Lemisch wrote:
    > As I've mentioned before, it pollutes our comprehension of reality, and
    > blocks our ability to deal with reality, to call what's been happening a
    > "coup." (Pro-Clinton propagandists, including some academic flacks, earlier
    > referred to the impeachment as a "coup.") It in no way implies that this
    > country is without horrors to point out that this isn't Chile.
    > Jesse Lemisch
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    > > << On another point--Stew, I remember in France 8 months before Allende's
    > > overthrow, people (inc. some residents from Chile) were worrying it might
    > > happen; and, that September day in 1973 here when I saw the SFChronicle
    > > headline "Allende overthrown in Chile," there had been for maybe a week
    > news
    > > commentary (re the truckers etc.) that this was coming; I remember the
    > sense
    > > of horror, yet not of the unexpected, on seeing those words.  --I don't
    > > question the persons or media or whatever you saw there weren't expecting
    > it,
    > > but how did that happen?  Please let me know (off or on list); thanks. >>
    > >
    > > Paula
    > > I went to Chile, I guess it was six months to a  year before the coup,
    > with
    > > Phil Ochs and Jerry Rubin. We talked to Chileans of every stripe - and yes
    > > (as I said in my posting) many, but not all socialists and communists were
    > > expecting a coup. But these raducals stressed Chile's democratic
    > traditions
    > > and thought the coup would be non-violent and creating a briefly serving
    > > junta. Then there would be new elections. So, it would be a coup because
    > > Allende would not get to serve out his term - but it would not lead to
    > > barbarism and fascism. Phil and I thinking, of the Spanish Civil War
    > > disagreed with the Chileans. Jerry thought they were right. And like I
    > said
    > > some of them, like our friend Victor Jara were murdered. It's possible
    > that
    > > as the coup came closer some of them realized how bloody it would be - but
    > my
    > > continuing correspondence with some - (not Jara) did not indicate that
    > > development. --Stew

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