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From: Jesse Lemisch (
Date: 12/20/00

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    C'mon, Bill: a coup without the use of (or even threatened use of) arms? Why
    should such a wise fellow as yourself contribute to this dead-end notion,
    which obscures just what it is that we are fighing against? If everything
    bad is a "coup," or "fascist," or "slavery," etc. -- the we have no way of
    comprehending and fighting the originals.
    Jesse Lemisch
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    > Why does a coup have to take the form it took in Chile? The American
    > voted for one man, and the other candidate's governor brother led the
    > of the process of barring people from voting in the latter's state, while
    > Supreme Court violated its own stated principles against judicial
    activism, as
    > well as logic and common sense, to give the loser the presidency. I voted
    > Nader.              Bill Mandel
    > Jesse Lemisch wrote:
    > > As I've mentioned before, it pollutes our comprehension of reality, and
    > > blocks our ability to deal with reality, to call what's been happening a
    > > "coup." (Pro-Clinton propagandists, including some academic flacks,
    > > referred to the impeachment as a "coup.") It in no way implies that this
    > > country is without horrors to point out that this isn't Chile.
    > >
    > > Jesse Lemisch
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