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From: monkerud (
Date: 12/16/00

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    While we may be critical of the Supreme Court decision, I wonder if this
    doesn't play directly into the right wing's hands. The conservative
    Republicans, and Bush, want a smaller Federal Government, something like
    what existed during Coolridge's time.
    And with their minority, which can only win elections by outspending the
    Democrats something like $100 million this time around, if they can
    discourage people from voting, it gives their votes more clout.
    best, Don
    >I'm not sure there's disagreement entirely re the Bush "coup" or whatever.
    >We all--and I suspect this includes most those Americans who didn't vote,
    >too--know very well what happened this year isn't exactly new; the presidency
    >(among other offices) is not decided by us; the question seems to be whether
    >the "choice" we make in the loaded system actually goes anywhere toward being
    >counted or not.  Yet I tend to Stew's view there may have been more outright
    >"theft" this time; or maybe folks just got caught with less careful hands in
    >the till, as it were.
    >  On another point--Stew, I remember in France 8 months before Allende's
    >overthrow, people (inc. some residents from Chile) were worrying it might
    >happen; and, that September day in 1973 here when I saw the SFChronicle
    >headline "Allende overthrown in Chile," there had been for maybe a week news
    >commentary (re the truckers etc.) that this was coming; I remember the sense
    >of horror, yet not of the unexpected, on seeing those words.  --I don't
    >question the persons or media or whatever you saw there weren't expecting it,
    >but how did that happen?  Please let me know (off or on list); thanks.
    >   Paula

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