Re: [sixties-l] Bedtime for Democracy

Date: 12/20/00

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    Bill is right. His seeing that disillusionment with the American system could 
    push some in the direction of fascism is a signifiicant insight. The 
    worldwide defeat of socialism has diminished the capacity of the left to 
    provide alternatives. The right is very anxious to step in and is doing just 
    that in the US, Canada and Europe. 
          He is also right about the electoral college being  part of our 
    incomplete democratic revolution and it must go. The fact that Hillary 
    Clinton agrees should not put us off. We should also support campaign finance 
    reform. Paula raised the question of demonstrations - many were organized 
    through the Internet - they were independent spirited affairs (including here 
    in Portland) and they went on all over the country. (God I wish we had the 
    Internet back in the '60's.) We must make maximum use of this new tecnology. 
    Also I can't help but wonder why a progressive alliance, of labor, Blacks and 
    women can't gain as much power in the Democratic Party as those right - wing 
    Christians have in the Republican. Maybe there is a reason - but it alludes 
    me. Let's work together ina pro-democracy movement.

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