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Date: 12/15/00

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    << Cmon, Stew, let's not get carried away with the
    metaphors.  If coup has meaning here, it might come close to the
    two-party 'coup' to narrow the scope of electoral politics (or the Dem.
    Leadership Conference's 'coup' to move the party to the corporate
    center)... >>
    Some of you guys are so confirmed in your leftism that you can't tell the 
    difference between a distorted democracy but still one where the real winner 
    gets to serve and a stolen election where the loser wins. Forget about Gore 
    and Bush and think of all the workers, women, Blacks and Jews who either 
    voted for the Democrat or tried to - and then think of their votes,  as being 
    over ruled by five right-wingers on the Supreme Court. Indeed this election 
    ended in a coup! Think of all the contempt for the people and for democracy 
    involved in that Supreme Court ruling. And you will have to admit the process 
    of screwing democracy has reached a new and more dangerous stage. And let me 
    make another Chilean comparison. When I was in Chile nobody I spoke with 
    predicted the Pinochet coup. Yes, the Communists and the Socialists thought 
    there would be a coup but they believed in would be a gentleman's coup with 
    no bloodshed --"We have democratic traditions in Chile." . As for the 
    Santiago anarchists - they figured that Allende was the authoritarian and 
    what could be worse than his semi-Stalinism? Some of these people wound up 
    dead. Alas! Let us not be so dreamlike.

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