Re: [sixties-l] A Very American Coup

Date: 12/15/00

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    A coup is a coup is a coup. Do you really think Bush won the vote in Florida 
    and his lawyers were just passionately devoted to abstract legal principles? 
    Do you really think there wasn't a systematic effort made to disqualify 
    eligible Black voters? Do you really think those old Jewish voters who asked 
    for help and were turned down by officials - were turned down in the name of 
    a love for rules ?- if so why were rule breaking Republicans allowed to 
    repair Republican requests for absentee ballots elsewhere? Do you think Bush 
    doesn't kind of feel bad that he lost the national election by 320,000 votes?
    And do you think that the five Republicans on the Supreme Court - two with 
    direct ties to the Bush campaign did not know who buttered their bread? 
       Some stuff like this did happen in the 19th century - but as for 1960 - if 
    the Chicago political machine really determined the outcome of the election - 
    why didn't Nixon complain? Please don't tell me it was because of his 
    selfless patriotism -- Stew Albert

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