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Date: 12/15/00

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    > But, Brad, seriously, ...Harry
    > Browne??
    > Ted Morgan
    I know, I know!  Please don't hold it against me.  I am not exactly a Harry 
    Browne groupie like some other Libertarians I know, but I sure as heck wasn't 
    going to vote for Gush or Bore.  To be honest, even though I don't agree with 
    everything that he says, I would have cast my vote for Nader if he had been 
    on my state's ballot, which he was not.  Buchanan?  Voting for him would be 
    like a patient who needs his appendix removed choosing Dr. Joseph Mengele to 
    do it.  Browne was all that I had left, and for the most part, I agreed with 
    his platform.  I emphasize "for the most part" here.
    Does this mean I don't get any beer at the next (or should I say first ever) 
    Sixties e-group party?
    Going to watch Jeopardy with Rain Man,

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