[sixties-l] Hot posts...

From: Ted Morgan (epm2@lehigh.edu)
Date: 12/15/00

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    Well, I'll chime in.  I agree with Roz's sentiments re. Jeff & Michael's
    fight on the list.  What gives guys?  Why not some civil conversation?
    It's verging on getting 'H...'-esque.
    Yet, while it's a little 'hot' (but tempered with good humor
    --"'coup'-ler heads"!) I concur with Brad's comments re. Stew's post on
    the election.  Cmon, Stew, let's not get carried away with the
    metaphors.  If coup has meaning here, it might come close to the
    two-party 'coup' to narrow the scope of electoral politics (or the Dem.
    Leadership Conference's 'coup' to move the party to the corporate
    And, yes, if Gore had won the election we would have heard the exact
    same arguments from the other side. But, Brad, seriously, ...Harry
    Ted Morgan

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