[sixties-l] michael & jeff fighting

From: Jeffrey Blankfort (jab@tucradio.org)
Date: 12/15/00

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    So Roz, when someone suggests that it's white liberals who are
    convincing Native Americans and African-Americans they have been
    wronged, and insults, in advance, any one who dispute it, and when that
    same person perpetuates the claim that not only did the white
    slavemasters treat the slaves better than white indentured servants were
    treated, and again insults anyone who disagrees with him, I'm sorry, but
    I'm not going to let it go by. And if you don't like it or my style,
    don't bother reading it.
    Jeff Blankfort
     Roz Payne wrote:
    > my, my,  my,  look at the boys fight, name calling  , im more political than
    > you.  Ive helped blacks  and Ive been clubbed.   im not going to tell you
    > what I did.  But then again you probably don't care.  In fact you guys no one
    > cares.  Why can't you disagree with out yelling,  why is being politically
    > correct  so correct ?  Why don't you write to each other ?Why must this group
    > be subject to your yelling.  Im ready to go out and get the redneck book and
    > I  made a 22 min video of a battle between palestinian kids and israeli
    > soldiers.   it shows real dead naked palestinian bodies, lots of blood coming
    > out of the bullet holes of the  palestinian men shot by  young israeli
    > soldiers that are .  The   video is a battle shot in bethlehem with Nat King
    > Cole singing O Little Town of Bethlehem and palestinian music.
    > so which side am I on?
    > Why can't the two of you because of life reasons express your selves,
    > differently and not be so nasty to each other .  roz
    > Ever gone to prison for opposing the raining down
    > >  of bombs and napalm on dark-skinned folks over
    > >  in Asia, Mr. Blankfort.  I have.  Wanna hear about
    > >  it?
    > >Just send me the details and I'll nominate you for the Nobel Prize. And
    > >yes, I have risked my life and liberty fighting against other folk's
    > >oppression and I have been arrested several times, clubbed by police and
    > >shot at once for doing so.  But none of what you've done means a thing
    > >to me, given the crap that you've already posted.

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