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From: William M. Mandel (
Date: 11/29/00

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    You are absolutely right about the re-vote, but the majority man to whom you
    gave your vote doesn't have the guts to ask for a re-vote, much less demand
    federal troops to protect Black voters, as in Mississippi and elsewhere during
    the civil rights movement.
    William Mandel
    monkerud wrote:
    > Okay, I'm pissed. I voted for the lesser of two evils and in the tradition
    > of America, the majority wins. My vote was in the majority and now some
    > peckerwoods in Florida are screwing around with the vote to give the
    > election to Bush.
    > And I'm protesting the Bushes bringing in Republicans to disrupt the vote
    > counting. (Sorry Marty, I'm not pissed with you but your logic doesn't
    > hold. I would still protest the Nazis "civil disobedience" to attack the
    > Jews.)
    > This is not longer between Gore and Bush, the way the news media is trying
    > to set it up. It's about me.. it's about my vote... and my vote isn't
    > counting! I would like to see a revote.
    > Best, Don
    > >I have to admit that that was my first thought too. Neo-fascists
    > >intimidating  the election officials in Dade. But if they were lefty
    > >protestors, they'd not be intimidating?  Though our causes may have been
    > >just, we on the left have been a helluva lot more intidimating.
    > > I don't believe the protestors caused Dade to stop the count. The Mayor
    > >is a right-wing Democrat, a Cuban, who is about to become a Republican. He
    > >hates the Clintonians cause of the Elian case. And the Cubans have little
    > >sympathy for non-Cuban minority voters. This was backroom politics, not
    > >demonstrators, calling the shots.
    > > More to the point, those of us who advocate militant demonstrations can't
    > >cry foul  when the other side takes to the street. We can argue about
    > >their politics, but not their right to direct action.
    > > Marty
    > >
    > > At 06:12 PM 11/24/2000 -0800, you wrote: >I'm afraid we're just starting
    > >to see the grief that Bush will cause. Does >anyone else fear the
    > >neo-fascist protesters in Dade County who have now >intimidated the
    > >election officials from counting the ballots? Talk about a >stolen
    > >election... how many years have the votes been thrown out to favor >one
    > >candidate or the other? Any statistics kept on this? Or is this the >first
    > >time the old cranky machinery for counting votes failed in Florida? > >The
    > >local paper has photos, Bush or Revolution... but then American >politics
    > >have always been ugly. Those who have the strongest stomachs >win.... I'm
    > >afraid. > > >best, Don Monkerud >Santa Cruz > > >>-----Michael Rossman
    > >wrote: >> >> >>>So did >>>their stupidity in otherwise muting and
    > >center-izing his campaign. > >> >> >>But is it not probable that moving
    > >away from the center would have cost Gore >>more votes than it would have
    > >gained him.  Holding contsant all other >>possible factors, it is
    > >indisputable that had Nader not run, Gore would have >>won an unambiguous
    > >victory in Florida and the nation would have been spared >>a good deal of
    > >grief, especially if Bush does eke out a victory. >> >>Tony Edmonds >>Ball
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