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From: Ted Morgan (
Date: 11/27/00

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    And so the debate --and the blame game continues....  I question Tony's
    assumption about the nation being spared grief if Gore had won --some 'grief'
    perhaps; other longer-term erosion grief, definitely not.  And I reject the
    powerlessness implicit in what Tony's says about 'moving away from the center
    causing Gore to lose votes.'  Where does that logic lead, Tony?
    As for myself, with full expectation that Florida's certification stands up &
    Bush is president, I reassert that I have NO regrets whatsoever in voting for
    Nader, nor would I have had I lived in Florida.  If the Democratic Party doesn't
    start thinking about some constituencies besides corporate ones --except in the
    rhetoric-filled flourish leading up to elections-- they're going to get shut out
    of the White House.  Time for them to think long & hard about that. As long as
    their is a respectable alternative to their left and they remain
    centrist-committed, I (a life-long Democrat) won't vote for a Democrat again.
    There are Sixties-echoes here, but with the possibility of a different long-term
    outcome....  If a Left alternative can grow during these years --people
    committed to this course of action-- eventually even the mainstream media will
    have to start taking what we argue a little more seriously.  And if that
    happens, our message can begin to filter through (the media's otherwise
    impenetrable filters) to many more Americans who can see no alternatives to the
    center and Right (including those who regularly don't vote because in their view
    the 'fix is in' & neither party addresses their concerns)... That's a difficult
    path, to be sure, but the alternative is completely unacceptable --unless, of
    course, you're ok with the continuing erosion of the global ecosphere, the
    spread of mall-sprawl, the widening gap between rich & poor, etc....  Example of
    the media's obscene myopia was David Broder's column on "split" America
    --meaning evenly split between Bush & Gore folks, as if the bigger and deeper
    split between marginalized millions and system 'insiders' was invisible to this
    Beltway pundit & his cohorts (so many of whom rallied to Gore & bashed Nader
    throughout the campaign --cf. Anna Quindlen).
    Ted Morgan
    Tony Edmonds wrote:
    > -----Michael Rossman wrote:
    > >So did
    > >their stupidity in otherwise muting and center-izing his campaign. >
    > But is it not probable that moving away from the center would have cost Gore
    > more votes than it would have gained him.  Holding contsant all other
    > possible factors, it is indisputable that had Nader not run, Gore would have
    > won an unambiguous victory in Florida and the nation would have been spared
    > a good deal of grief, especially if Bush does eke out a victory.
    > Tony Edmonds
    > Ball State Universirty

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