Re: [sixties-l] Re: Hitchins on Nader

Date: 11/27/00

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      Regarding the Florida debacle, the effect of Nader's myopic campaign 
    turning the infected side of American politics up to the light is obvious. 
    But at what cost? Are we ready to validate the division in our society since 
    the Viet Nam/Civil Rights battles? Are we ready to take on the "old fools" 
    and their robotic political offspring? Is Gore the leader capable of that? 
    Tough questions now. Nader pulled off the scab and blood is beginning to 
    seep. I think this could stop any progress the left has been slowly but 
    steadily making allowing for unproductive and polarized battles over 
    non-issues, like the dead-horse flag-burning scam, worthy of WWF television 
    matches. Thanks Ralph.
                                                Mark Hebard
                                                Aptos, Ca                       

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