Re: [sixties-l] Re: Hitchins on Nader

From: Tony Edmonds (
Date: 11/28/00

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    Te Morgan wrote:
    >And so the debate --and the blame game continues....
    I'm not sure I would call it a "blame game."  "Debate" has a more positive
    cachet and is more accurate.
    I question Tony's
    >assumption about the nation being spared grief if Gore had won --some
    >perhaps; other longer-term erosion grief, definitely not.
    Less grief is preferarable to more grief, I assume.  If I thought a more
    "progressive" presidency was even remotely within the realm of possibility,
    I would have much more sympathy with the Nader voters in Florida.
    And I reject the
    >powerlessness implicit in what Tony's says about 'moving away from the
    >causing Gore to lose votes.'  Where does that logic lead, Tony?
    I fear it leads to an accurate assessment of the state of American politics,
    certainly in the short and mid-term.  Liberal centrism is the best we can
    reasonably expect.  And that to me is preferable to right centrism.  I
    realize this smacks of defeatism, but I susbscribe to the advice of that
    great political philosopher Kenny Rogers.  I'm not quitting the game, just
    waiting until a better hand appears.

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