Re: [sixties-l] teeny tiny protests on Sproul Steps

From: Carrol Cox (
Date: 10/07/00

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    John Johnson wrote:
    >   Should Jews have their own country
    > would be answered yes by all but the most anti-Semitic.
    The equation of anti-zionism with anti-semitism is a slander
    and a lie -- one of the Big Lies of U.S. politics.
    I too once believed this lie -- at a time when I also believed that
    the United States was a defender rather than destroyer of freedom.
    I was in my mid-thirties when I learned better about the U.S. -- and
    very soon I recognized that Israel was simply a construct of U.S.
    and European imperialism.
    The state of Israel is an apartheid state. The relationship of the
    Israelis to the Palestinians is an almost exact replica of the
    relationship of Europeans to American Indians.
    Zionism is racist and oppressive.
    Carrol Cox

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