[sixties-l] GI coffee houses/Newsreel/ demos

From: RozNews@aol.com
Date: 10/07/00

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    Don wrote
    >One strong point would be to examine the GI movement. At first we degrade
    >> the GIs but that quickly changed as we turned to supporting them with
    >> Bring the Troops Home focus. I recall talking to many GIs at Fort Hood
    >> Texas back then and feeling that we had much in common, and they displayed
    >> no hostility to us and what we were about. We were all in the same boat.
    Newsreel has a film named Summer 68.  The film has a section on GI organizing 
    and focuses on Fort Hood.  It is a look into GI coffee houses near bases.  
    While Im at it, let me say that to complain that there was a small crowd in 
    Berkeley around the recent Palestinian/Israeli fighting  , at least you had 
    an event.  I have not heard of other events happening anywhere else.    roz

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