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From: John Johnson (
Date: 10/07/00

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    I would say there is a difference between Jews being able to have a 
    homeland, considering what history has dealt them and the political makeup 
    of the State of Israel which you are correct about.
    International politics have for hundreds of years and since WWII, divided 
    and controlled various parts of the Middle East.  None of this was in the 
    interest of the people there.  They has created  storms of 
    reactions.  Various coups and power plays.  Democracy has  not been a  main 
    I think also that many would agree that the Palestinians should also have 
    their state and that Israel is wrong in the treatment of them.
    Israel is obviously here to stay.  But it also cannot obviously stay as it 
    is.  For any real peace in the area it has to recognize Palestinians rights 
    and a Palestinian state.
    But the situation is extreme complicated.
    You have right-wing Zionist that want a purely Jewish State.  But 
    politicians know that thats just not practical and capitalist know they 
    need the cheap on demand Palestinian labor.  And  progressive segments that 
    want secular democratic state for all and fraternal relations with a 
    Palestinian state.
    The Palestinian struggle has be represented by a wide range of groups, 
    religions, and nations, all with different agendas. Should a Palestinian 
    state be a state ruled by a small religious sect or a weak state indebted 
    to the likes of the WTO and INF.  Many think Arafat is a sellout, others 
    call him a dictator who has not implemented democratic rights among the 
    Palestinians themselves.
    >The equation of anti-zionism with anti-semitism is a slander
    >and a lie -- one of the Big Lies of U.S. politics.
    >I too once believed this lie -- at a time when I also believed that
    >the United States was a defender rather than destroyer of freedom.
    >I was in my mid-thirties when I learned better about the U.S. -- and
    >very soon I recognized that Israel was simply a construct of U.S.
    >and European imperialism.
    >The state of Israel is an apartheid state. The relationship of the
    >Israelis to the Palestinians is an almost exact replica of the
    >relationship of Europeans to American Indians.
    >Zionism is racist and oppressive.
    >Carrol Cox
    John Johnson
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