Re: [sixties-l] Ronnie Reagan proto fascist?

From: Carrol Cox (
Date: 10/01/00

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    monkerud wrote:
    > But he might be useful to us. I have yet to see a thorough going critque of
    > Ronnie Reagan and his boys, his reaction to the movement that most of us
    > worked to build,
    Just as it was Truman not McCarthy who launched and
    was primarily responsible for the red-hunts of the '40s
    and '50s, so it was Jimmy Carter not Ronald Reagan who
    initiated the main elements of what came to be called
    Reaganism, and it was only under William Clinton that
    the Reagan program was really achieved. I don't think
    much time should be wasted critiquing Reagan himself.
    He was not half as efficient an enemy of humanity as
    Clinton has been and Gore will be.
    Carrol Cox

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