Re: [sixties-l] "Stalinist"? -- To David Horowitz

From: Barbara L Tischler (
Date: 10/01/00

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    Brave, John. This deserves no more comment.
    Barbara L. Tischler
    On Fri, 29 Sep 2000, John Campbell McMillian wrote:
    > Colleagues,
    > Once again, you've played into the hands of Horowitz and (surprise!)
    > nothing terribly useful or productive has come out of it.  Let
    > me ask you all this: why do you think Horowitz is on this list?  
    > To learn something about the 1960s?  To promote some of the ideals of the
    > 1960's, including tolerance, civil rights, particpatory democracy,
    > civic initiative, and the liberalization of American culture?   To examine
    > the historiography of the period?  To draw attention to the latest
    > scholarly resources for studying the 1960's?  
    > No, no, no and no.  He's here to cause trouble, inflame passions,
    > and whine and complain to a captive audience.  And - I'm sorry to say it
    > again - there's still way too many people on this list who are revealing
    > themselves as suckers for  playing right into his hands.  Can we please  
    > all follow Marty's lead, and let his posts pass without comment. (Or - if
    > you get slandered or insulted or mis-represented by Horowitz, take solace
    > in the fact that almost no one here takes him seriously, and get on with
    > our lives?)
    > It's perfectly clear by now that Horowitz has all the emotional maturity
    > of a grade-school bully, but I'm sure if we all ignore him for long
    > enough, he'll go away.
    > Best,
    > John McMillian

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