Re: [sixties-l] Ronnie Reagan proto fascist?

From: Ted Morgan (
Date: 10/02/00

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    monkerud wrote:
    > <snip>. I have yet to see a thorough going critque of
    > Ronnie Reagan and his boys, his reaction to the movement that most of us
    > worked to build, his support of corrupt dictatorships around the world,
    > including the murderous Contras, the support of drugs where they would keep
    > down internal movments against governments, and the increase of the US
    > national debt, to name a few.
    I agree with Carrol's point that the focus on Reagan can be overdone --i.e., he
    wasn't the source of "the problem,' just a highly effective propagandist for it
    and a manifestation of it.  But I have written some about the 60s-bashing
    movement of which Reagan's years were part --in an article published in the
    Irish Journal of American Studies.  Not too accessible, probably, so I could
    send a paper copy if you (monkeyrud) or someone wanted one.  A related
    treatment is Alex Carey's book on "Taking the Risk out of Democracy" U.Illinois
    Press, 1997.  This is a piece of my book project on media culture & 60s
    revisionism....  There is relevant stuff in this history to the DH flap, not
    that I want to contribute to THAT!
    Ted Morgan

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