[sixties-l] Ronnie Reagan proto fascist?

From: monkerud (monkerud@scruznet.com)
Date: 09/29/00

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    I agree with what you say and thought about my posts of simply kicking DH
    off, or ignoring him.
    But he might be useful to us. I have yet to see a thorough going critque of
    Ronnie Reagan and his boys, his reaction to the movement that most of us
    worked to build, his support of corrupt dictatorships around the world,
    including the murderous Contras, the support of drugs where they would keep
    down internal movments against governments, and the increase of the US
    national debt, to name a few.
    As HD kissed up to RR and his bunch, and supposedly gets funds from right
    wingers (while I see him attacking everyone, I've yet to see the bank
    statement of his group) perhaps a thread would be to start defining the
    Ronnie Reagan years.
    I'm sure some people on this list have critiqued all or part of the Reagan
    best, Don Monkerud
    >Once again, you've played into the hands of Horowitz and (surprise!)
    >nothing terribly useful or productive has come out of it.  Let
    >me ask you all this: why do you think Horowitz is on this list?
    >To learn something about the 1960s?  To promote some of the ideals of the
    >1960's, including tolerance, civil rights, particpatory democracy,
    >civic initiative, and the liberalization of American culture?   To examine
    >the historiography of the period?  To draw attention to the latest
    >scholarly resources for studying the 1960's?
    >No, no, no and no.  He's here to cause trouble, inflame passions,
    >and whine and complain to a captive audience.  And - I'm sorry to say it
    >again - there's still way too many people on this list who are revealing
    >themselves as suckers for  playing right into his hands.  Can we please
    >all follow Marty's lead, and let his posts pass without comment. (Or - if
    >you get slandered or insulted or mis-represented by Horowitz, take solace
    >in the fact that almost no one here takes him seriously, and get on with
    >our lives?)
    >It's perfectly clear by now that Horowitz has all the emotional maturity
    >of a grade-school bully, but I'm sure if we all ignore him for long
    >enough, he'll go away.
    >John McMillian

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