Re: [sixties-l] Republican and Yippies are coming to New York (fwd)

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Date: Sun Jan 26 2003 - 18:06:25 EST

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    << They will NOT try to crush the coronation. They realize that the
    American people still goes by the mantra: "It's a free country, ain't
    it?" >>

    Hey Berkeley Bill. Crush is a matter of definition. The Feds were certainly
    trying to crush us in 1968, what with Chicago police thugs and Cointelpro.
    Now they have some laws (as you point out) that will let them do the same
    thing only it will all be legal. And yet we must demonstrate and find some
    way to turn it all to our advantage. Great theater and wit will be required.
    What a tough task we face. --Stew

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