[sixties-l] Re: article on pnac I quoted in Sixties #910

Date: Sun Jan 26 2003 - 19:17:19 EST

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    Michael Simmons asks where is the rest of this article, by John Pilger. I
    apologize but I do not know/remember. It was almost certainly something
    someone put onto the aol discussion boards, and presumably is from either a
    newspaper or something like indymedia. I'm sorry I can't be more
    helpful--maybe a google search? It's obviously important we recognize--and
    hold to people's attention--the pnac overplan for pre-emptive empire when
    Bush Group speaks of national security concerns or, more recently,
    freeing-the-(Iraqi)-people-from-oppression-by-slaughtering-them. See also the
    Jan. 25 L.A. Times on nuke plans.

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