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Date: Mon Jan 27 2003 - 22:40:36 EST

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    Srew: You don't give yourself, and your Chicago buddies of 1968, enough
    credit. It was the Sixties resistance in all its forms, including Martin
    Luther King at the far extreme from you, that reinforced in the American
    mind the notion that this has got to remain a free country. Your own
    city had 20,000 people in the streets last week, and the Iraq war hasn't
    even begun. San Francisco was truly awesome, in the meaningful sense of
    that word as used by your generation and mine, not the later kids who
    have worked it as thoroughly to death as soldiers worked "fuck".
        There is always need for theater and wit, and there was lots of that
    in the demonstrations on the 18th and since, but the most important
    thing is that people were out there (a couple in Washington who are the
    parents of Berkeley's Gunther the Clown who came on the scene after you
    moved away: his father spent his career designing missiles, and his
    mother pickets abortion clinics, but they were in the Washington
    parade!). Just as the Sixties were a new day, we're living through
    another. Lucky me: third time around. I saw and participated in the
    Thirties, the Sixties, and, thanks to Internet, in this one.
                                                            Berkeley Bill Mandel wrote:
    > In a message dated 1/26/03 2:19:15 PM, writes:
    > << They will NOT try to crush the coronation. They realize that the
    > American people still goes by the mantra: "It's a free country, ain't
    > it?" >>
    > Hey Berkeley Bill. Crush is a matter of definition. The Feds were certainly
    > trying to crush us in 1968, what with Chicago police thugs and Cointelpro.
    > Now they have some laws (as you point out) that will let them do the same
    > thing only it will all be legal. And yet we must demonstrate and find some
    > way to turn it all to our advantage. Great theater and wit will be required.
    > What a tough task we face. --Stew
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