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From: Michael Rossman (
Date: Thu Jan 09 2003 - 23:04:55 EST

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    Paula sent in the snip below. Does anyone have more direct quotation
    from the document in question, or more news about it? Is there any
    centralized source for or collection of the bits of quasi-evidence --
    such as this one, and the uninvestigated immediately-pre-9/11 put calls
    on two airlines -- that point towards at least tacit complicity by
    Bush-&-Co, in the 9/11 tragedy?


    "Two years ago a project set up by the men who now surround George W
    said what America needed was "a new Pearl Harbor". Its published aims
    alarmingly, come true." by John Pilger :12 Dec 2002
         "The threat posed by US terrorism to the security of nations and
    individuals was outlined in prophetic detail in a document written more
    than two years ago and disclosed only recently. What was needed for
    to dominate much of humanity and the world's resources, it said, was
    catastrophic and catalysing event - like a new Pearl Harbor". The
    of 11 September 2001 provided the "new Pearl Harbor", described as "the
    opportunity of ages". The extremists who have since exploited 11
    come from the era of Ronald Reagan, when far-right groups and
    were established to avenge the American "defeat" in Vietnam. In the
    there was an added agenda: to justify the denial of a "peace dividend"
    following the cold war. The Project for the New American Century was
    formed, along with the American Enterprise Institute, the Hudson
    and others that have since merged the ambitions of the Reagan
    administration with those of the current Bush regime.

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