[sixties-l] Re: the PNAC

From: Frank Smith (fsmith@kanokla.net)
Date: Sun Jan 26 2003 - 22:19:31 EST

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    "Michael Rossman" <mrossman@sbcglobal.net> asked:
    Does anyone have more direct quotation
    > from the document in question, or more news about it? Is there any
    > centralized source for or collection of the bits of quasi-evidence --
    > such as this one, and the uninvestigated immediately-pre-9/11 put calls on
    two airlines -- that point towards at least tacit complicity by
    > Bush-&-Co, in the 9/11 tragedy?

    Don't be lazy, Michael. Do a Google search. Pilger writes for the Mirror,
    which has rejoined the progressive press after decades of tabloidism.
    Here's an interview link: http://www.progressive.org/nov02/intv1102.html

    The LA Times did a great story on PNAC. You have to pay for their archives
    but a search might find it on a website.

    There's no link been found on any connection between airline stock
    transactions and the crashes. Perhaps it's just coincidence. One hopes so.
    A few sites try to establish links where there aren't any. Don't believe
    everything you read on the internet.

    Frank Smith

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