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Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 10:56:05 EST

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    Ahhh, a quick strike by the colorful drieux! I can't step between him
    and Fisk on the weaponry of the Taliban --though I will note that Fisk
    has written voluminously and importantly on the Middle East for years
    and is knows for his efforts to go to forbidden places behind the lines
    to dig out the truth behind the glossy imagery that paraded on TV during
    the Gulf War (to name just one example). I recommend you check him out
    at the Independent's web site [ ].

    As for Nicaragua, I'm not sure what the point is of citing the
    disaffection of Commandante Zero with the Sandinistas, etc. unless it
    means that the unsaintliness of the Sandinistas is for drieux (like it
    was for the US propagandists at the time) sufficient 'grounds' for a US
    operation designed to destroy the popular base of support for the
    Sandinistas through what amounts to US-generated, backed, trained, &
    supported state terror (Contras) in order to insure there be no
    'independent development' in Central America that could spread (rapidly
    one suspects) to US-supported/trained/armed/etc. police-terror states
    like El Salvador & Guatemala that posed (in US propaganda and media like
    the NYTimes, etc.) as "fledgling democracies..." etc. etc. And of
    course, the same foreign policy framework applies to the postwar history
    of US interventions from the Middle East to ... Southeast Asia. Not just
    a tired and discredited argument, but one that threatens 3rd world
    peoples to this day.

    Finally, who exactly ARE the "trendy Left" who have done nothing in
    response to or against the war that, yes, the United States has been
    waging against Iraq since January 1991? Not the people I know who
    write, speak, converse with others, act against the continuing atrocity
    of sanctions (including myself). Is it because these voices don't show
    up often in the mainstream media that they apparently don't exist?
    [Whereas, point well taken, the "trendy left" ARE visible in the New
    York Times or on CNN --precisely underscoring the dubious use of the
    word "left" in association with them (back to the Gitlin debate?). That
    might suggest a different target for one's disdain than the activists
    themselves who have tried to break through on this issue, but are
    largely ignored by mass media (as I can attest).

    Ted Morgan

    drieux wrote:

    > When we talk about 'what the americans are not hearing' do we mean to
    > note what they didn't want to know about back then, and are still unwilling to interrupt their lives with unravelling now?


     I mean, how many americans KNEW on 9/10 that the USA was still legally
    at war? Clearly the trendy leftists of the 'anti-war' cabal were not
    running up there protesting the american war with Iraq - and now clearly
    feel that they should do something about their silence.
    > drieux
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