[sixties-l] What IF the workers take control of the Means of Production?

From: drieux (drieux@wetware.com)
Date: Tue Nov 20 2001 - 13:20:45 EST

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    Amongst the left over questions that we have from the sixties is the
    dialectical tension between the classical marxists, in all of their
    class extensions, derivations, and ideological silliness, and what
    some would call the 'consumer society' that wanders around them.

    We have seen here the allegation that 'home ownership' leads to one
    becoming a Puppet Toady of the International Miltarist Imperialists!
    { which as we all know, leads not only to the bombing of Afghanistan,
    but the even more sinister plot that the liberal media is covering up,
    that given as the 'foreign' Taliban in Kunduz have taken over total
    control and isolated the native indigenous afghani fighters, that this
    can only be a clear sign of euro-centric-cultural-myopia, and hence the
    proof positive that the Taliban are the puppet toadies of the CIA! and
    hence the direct consequence of people buying homes in Berkley.}

    What happened to the simpler war on property?

    If you owned a book, you were hence a puppet toady of the Akademik Factory
    I mean Pol Pot's People had a lot of fun clearing out the dangerous types,
      you know,
    the ones who could read, or wore glasses, or spoke foreign languages.

    But what if the 'path to socialism' really does run through 'capitalism'
    and hence that the real trick here is not the Armed Foco - but the more
    dangerous process by which more and more of the proletarian class actually
    become equity holders in the means of production?

    In short, what if the whole leninist deviationalism is just that - the
    usurption of nationalistic Jingoism? Socialism in One Country? What is

    I mean, were we not to suppose to learn from the 'Paris Uprising' that
    the white collar and the blue collar needed solidarity against the
    ruling class that was in the process of turning not only NFL football
    but also doctors and airline pilots would need to be members of Unions to
    protect them from vicious exploitation by, well The Ruling Elites.

    But wasn't a principle part of the whole horror story of the nineties,
    and the vile Clinton-Gore Recession, that the 401(k) tax loophole for
    the rich had become the standard perk for the mere plebian masses? And
    hence, with the brutal onslaught of fiscal discipline on the federal
    government's part, that the 30 year bond, started in '77, would go the
    way of equity positions in horse drawn carriages, and the whole land
    scramble that had been the fast road to wealth and fame, collapsed,
    leaving only the equity market as the last remaining fast track!

    I think that the general figure of something like 50% of americans had
    an equity stake in the economic down turn. But the vaporizing of some
    $4 Trillion equity really hasn't actually hit anyone yet. Ok, there are
    folks who were former employee's of Enron who are a bit concerned about
    the fact that the SEC did not step in sooner, and are trying to back and
    fill with stock holder litigation.

    But isn't that just so 90's! The decade in which activists moved into the
    share holder meetings with a vengence to push their militarist positions.
    Yes, I am not kidding you, militarist! Go back and check out that whole
    propoganda regime from WWII where we were all suppose to learn how to
    recycle newspaper, glass, rubber, tin cans, 'for the war effort' - and
    now these Militarists are trying to force those war time expediencies
    down the throats of Peace Loving Americans! Why they have even forced
    major corporations into this whole 'war time economy' model!!!! Oh sure,
    they want to HIDE their roots, trying to wave some 'love mother earth'
    warm fuzzy - but we know what they are really all about!

    I mean, with only a 50% penetration of equity ownership by the great
    unwashed masses, we have seen the sort of dot.com craze that this type
    of 'ownership of the means of production' has lead to! Can we really
    leave the economy in the hands of mere proletarians? Isn't Economics
    this complex 'science' that only the true divines of the holy innards
    of the correct implementation of the true historico-materialist dialectics
    can actually fathom and resolve what the one true path is all about!
    Or at least the sort of J.P.Morgans who could step in and rescue the
    market from the unbridled panic of the pathetic.

    Or could it be that economics wasn't ever a science to begin with?

    What if the real 'lesson' we were suppose to learn from the 90's was
    that predicting the future is sort of difficult. Merely expanding the
    number of equity holders, in itself, is not enough to refocus the
    market? That there is no majikal science of management, that can, in
    classical Khruschevianist apparachnikiNeff, simply parachute into the
    provinces and provide the correct implementation, herding all the little
    coders into the correct standards and practices, and keeping them on
    track with the actual deliverables, that the people really need.

    What if the real scare in all of this is that in american, we live the
    nightmare that the peasants and proletariate can tighten up the political
    races to dead heats, and invest as equally poorly, because they have the
    liberty to do so, and no overarching directorate of public safety to
    them from 'doubleplus ungood thot'.

    What if the problem isn't going to be a simple bifurcation between the
    ruling elite and the repressed underlings - but the menage a troi of
    the two extremes worrying about the ever widening morass of a continually
    growing middle class comprised of mostly 'late adopters' who wander behind
    every new 'bleeding edge technology and social revolution'????

    That the real scare on the horizon is that we might export this completely
    failed system to the rest of the planet, where we just keep on keeping on?

    Suddenly those much beloved 3rd World Countries are no longer the blighted
    victims of a post colonialist oppression, but the home of still more middle
    class types who want solid jobs, with retirement plans, and an improving
    standard of living, that can no longer be the home for Union Busting
    Imperialist Corporations.

    Let your mind run rampant with this frightmare - no longer can dictatorial
    powers be vested in junta's and great leaders, as the sole access to the
    means of economic improvement, because, well, the middle class will no
    longer tolerate that as they seek their part in the equity market! Good
    we've seen the creeping capitalism of the 'loan clubs' throughout the 3rd
    world as it is, and the growing efforts to cut out graft and corruption, so
    that a fair price is a fair price, and one doesn't have to buy off the
    power like this were a New York City Deal.

    We're watching this process unfold right in front of our eyes in
    Oh sure, today it is allowing men to wear or not wear beards, as they
    the next thing you know, women will be allowed to have jobs as TV
    on the national television. Then its the complete break down, as soccer
    are used to create Soccer Unions of professional athletes, who need to have
    equity backed retirement funds, since, well you can't play forever. Then
    the whole craze of 'fix it upppers' and trying to get the kids into the
    schools so that they are better prepared to get better jobs! I mean this
    of thing if allowed to remain unchecked in Afghanistan could leak into
    and Iran - its bad enough that the Liberals have taken Teheran - but what
    if the
    whole Idea of Dying for the Cause takes second fiddle to having a nice
    place to
    live, and, well, that whole nightmare of 'keeping up with the jones' - you
    having food to share, and social gatherings....

    Think About IT! No longer do guys get away with being 'hot studs' simply
    they own an AK-47! No they start down that troubled path of supporting the
    nesting habit of women! Fixed Dwelling, internet connections so that they
    can do
    their e-purchasing of the seasonal gifts that maintain the social cohesion
    groupings that the guys might otherwise have tried to avoid!!! Then the
    thing you know - there are internet cafe's and people actually implementing
    unicode interfaces - and the whole 'silicon bangalore' moves out of India
    to afghanistan....

    What if they leap frog past the USA by adopting the Cellular Wireless Model
    rather than our fixed wire approach - and hence lead to driving where the
    market goes!

    I mean! The threat is clearly no longer that they will be the puppets of
    the Red Hordes, not even the boogyPerkin of the International Monolithic
    Islamic Fundamentalist (the correct implementation faction) Revolution,
    but they could actually become the next economic threat! Directly by
    bidding on our JOBS, or indirectly, by driving where the market goes!!!

    GOOD GOD! Can we really allow this globalization process to deprive us of
    our 'deserving poor'???? Who are we going to be left to lord it over? To
    be the great liberal protectors of....



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