[sixties-l] Rumbing the End of the Revolutionary Romanticism

From: drieux (drieux@wetware.com)
Date: Sat Nov 17 2001 - 21:28:06 EST

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    Ted, I figure i should select this as the second of the three paragraphs
    that points out an interesting set of problems - and of course I will start
    here because, well, it's in the middle of my professional concerns:

            'getting the scab labor out of low intensity warfare theory

    On Thursday, November 15, 2001, at 07:56 , Ted Morgan wrote:
    > As for Nicaragua, I'm not sure what the point is of citing the
    > disaffection of Commandante Zero with the Sandinistas, etc. unless it
    > means that the unsaintliness of the Sandinistas is for drieux (like it
    > was for the US propagandists at the time) sufficient 'grounds' for a US
    > operation designed to destroy the popular base of support for the
    > Sandinistas through what amounts to US-generated, backed, trained, &
    > supported state terror (Contras) in order to insure there be no
    > 'independent development' in Central America that could spread (rapidly
    > one suspects) to US-supported/trained/armed/etc. police-terror states
    > like El Salvador & Guatemala that posed (in US propaganda and media like
    > the NYTimes, etc.) as "fledgling democracies..." etc. etc. And of
    > course, the same foreign policy framework applies to the postwar history
    > of US interventions from the Middle East to ... Southeast Asia. Not just
    > a tired and discredited argument, but one that threatens 3rd world
    > peoples to this day.


    Allow me to try an argument by analogy. Yes, it is true that I have
    this from Mac OS 9 to OS X - but this does not change the fact that to many
    of my professional peers I remain a Sun Bigot, even if I like the OS X's
    GUI - and find it an acceptable development platform for doing the code
    stuff. So unlike the pietists who ran off and actually got jobs with apple.
    the fact that I dumped my efforts to get the MicroSoft desktop almost like
    operating systems for this Mac, did not make me a MacHead, since I had been
    working with a Series of Sun Desktops before that, and simply shifted to
    'server and desktop' approach because one can make Sun boxes headless...
    It sits in the lab, I sit here, and work out which is the compromise with

    { Ok, so I think the itune thingie is cool, and having all of this running
    over a real BSD kernel provides for the best of both worlds. }

    After letting this sit for a day I think I can untangle my own 'issues'
    the failures of the sixties to work out who was suppose to be on which
    of which simple sets of Bifurcations. I think that many of the 'activists'
    from the period, both those trying to stop the war by winning it, and those
    trying to stop the war by other means, have more in common with each other
    they do for that 'vast silent majority' in between who still are working
    for themselves what they did and what they should have done.

    Half of what I hear from the basic kvetching about the True Believers who
    should be 'in the movement' sounds amusingly enough like the problems that
    occur on the other side of the fence, where there are True Believers who
    not deal with the VVAW crowd. It's as if the world were suppose to be
    partitioned into

            Anti-War and Pro-War

    even if there were a bunch of WWII vets in the Anti-War movement, who had
    issues on the plate than that war itself is immoral and gross.

    In like manner there were those who were 'anti-war' in that they were not
    opposed to the american involvement in the vietnam operations, but were
    supporters of the NVA/VC military operations - and actively carried
    forward the
    mental containment that targetting a market hamlet on market day was
    justice' while accidentally killing civilians was proof positive of the
    evil immoral american imperialism. Some were actively involved in
    the Sino-Soviet Operations, and some of those were active duty members of
    military for the good old capitalist reasons that Money Talks.

    But a part of the problem is that once one moves out of the simple
    of "Peace XOR War" into the grey shades that make up the Post WWII world,
    is this collection of things 'technically' referred to as 'low intensity
    theory' - that covers the twilight world between the two theoretical
    extremes. The
    big ugly is that this 'grey zone' was as much a bone of contention inside
    military as outside. We can go through the whole thing about Special Forces
    and Marine CAP and... over and against Westmoreland's Big Battalion Sweep
    over and against the SEAL/LRRP/SOG players - and on a good day we can
    if the CIA's directorate of operations should be considered an active
    in this space.....

    But then again, as most folks are learning, while it was COOOOOL to have a
    Che Gueverra Poster up in the old college Dorm, and Yes, he did finally get
    back to Cuba and a Heroes Funeral, there are those inside the Castro
    who considered him an Egotistical Zealot.

    So the simple fact that as an egotistical pedantic, it is obvious to me,
    the rhetoric of 'Total War' went south with the soviets getting their first
    operational nuke, since we were at that point on the fast track race to the
    actual ability to KILL THE PLANET - this did not take away the basic
    that there have always been 'limited wars' - Realistically the american
    involvement in WWII got no where near the level that the Russians threw
    it - so while it is culturally cool to think of WWII as 'the last good war'
    and hence that majikally all we need to do to 'win the war in vietnam' was
    to majikally shift to 'total war' - is the naivete of those who do not
    time with Professional WarMongers. There are many jokes about SAC's motto,
    "Peace is our Profession, the killing we just do for fun..." but
    they understand that if we step up, and the radio asserts:

            "I authenticate...."

    that most of the world will understand why Dr. Strangelove had to be
    as such an absurdist film, the alternatives are more than impolite.

    We likewise have the problem that the Kennedy Brothers sorta got it, as
    worked out their new diplomatic language in the middle of the Missiles of
    October - and we have been trying to figure out how that game plays -
    now that the age of detente has transmogrified itself into the ambiguity of
    the multi-polarist dialogs.

    But this leads to the problem that there ISN'T the simplistic detachment
    allows for

            Military Operations Here, Beyond this Is Diplomacy

    if anything those of us from the WarMonger side of the line can live in the
    blithe naivete of our simple booleans, 'The living and the dead', that is
    clearly not grey enough to allow the obligatory diplomatic solutions to
    meander in the midst. Except of course for the minor problem that we all
    have party apparachniki who will bring along their opinions to the process.

    So yes, I had a sense of professional respect for Commandante Zero, and his
    decision to bail on the Sandindista's did play into the process of
    how 'free of Moskva' the movement really was. And yes, it was a bit
    messier in
    the post vietnam era, what with Cuban Draftee's doing combat patrols in
    under the avowed marxist regime fighting the CIA backed Freedom
    Fighters... But
    I do not recall that anyone was out in the streets calling for Cuba to end
    draft and bring its boys back home. Even if the CORE freaks didn't get it
    Mugabe sent Ian Smith on a good will tour after the Rhodesian War ended and
    the state of Zimbabwe needed to maintain good relations with the West...
    But in
    the current light of the parlimentarian crisis there, perchance the
    on Racial Equality was perchance right, that the Zimbabwean State was still
    going to be racists..... perchance not the way that they had meant it.

    It wouldn't be till the late eighties that we would learn that MI-6 had
    the bets, by turning over the Tudeh, Communist Party, in Teheran to the
    while we all had made book on Tudeh to win in the wake of the fall of the
    Oh well, some people just forget how to play cricket.

    As for 'threatening third world people' - I think a part of the big ugly of
    the nineties was the vaccuum - since we were cutting back on funding over
    seas operations, since RedHorde&Co. had bailed on their half of the cold
    We funded destabilizing the Soviet Puppet Regime in Kabul and then backed
    away from offering any sort of support for transitioning that country to a
    market economy that could be integrated back into the global economy. We
    have not sorted out what the war on narco-terrorism is/was/should be - and
    such have left many people in the third world at risk to the drug crazed
    in the 1st world who can afford to be trendy. One wonders how many of
    those SoHo
    fashion heads who gave heroin a second chance now get to wonder in public
    the small technical that they were funding the same folks who came back at
    on 9/11....

    I'll admit it! No questions asked. My analysis of Glasnost/Peristroika and
    the force deployment patterns said:

            "Hey drieux, we gotta get a real gig, these folks are gonna

    So i bailed, went back to college to get the CompSci Degree, wound up
    and trying to make a living here in SillyKonWalley, trying to distance
    from the wonderland background of spooks and spies. I was, quite literally,
    FREAKED to find out just a few months ago how far out of it I was when
    sent me the URL for the new AN-100 series. And all I could do was laugh
    them finally 'getting it' about 'backward compatibility' and market forces,
    since that new family, is not only Ergometric, but comes in your choice of
    the NATO 5.56mm, 5.45 Soviet AK-74 round, and the Venerable M1943 7.62x39!

    So while I originally intended to rant about the civilianParasites of both
    the left and the right - those who enjoy playing at being revolutionaries
    and/or Freedom Fighters without taking the time to become actually
    proficient in the art - I guess upon reflection, who knows, they may have
    had more fun at their pretend games.

    I'm sure I have ranted about the sheer madness of 'band aid' raising money
    to save the starving in Ethiopia, while the marxist regime had blown a
    comparable amount of money on rebuilding their armoured formations after
    the botch up of the Ogaden War - and the sheer amusement that the Eritrean
    Liberation Front had transitioned from being a Red Terrorist Organization
    to being the paid puppets of the Saudi House.... But maybe the real
    is finding a way to end the need for Bosnian Resistance Fighters Providing
    Covering Fire so that their families can get water from the only remaining
    tap that is under constant Serbian Sniper Fire. Maybe in some way that will
    not oblige the nice folks in america to get too upset about the fact that
    wars are still impolite processes.

    Who knows, Bush Campaigned on getting us out of 'Nation Building' and then
    true to his staunch anti-war draft dodging tradition, up and didn't call up
    the selective service boards to provide the Leg Infantry... And it looks
    like he's about to gut our National Strategic Nuclear Arsenal to a mere
    third of its current warhead count... We will just have to see what comes
    of all of this - why who knows, he might just disband the Selective Service
    Registration Process as a 'diplomatic message' that we are stepping away
    from 'military first' approaches to getting other nations to the cease fire
    agreements that will toss the whole process back into 'all politics is

    Who knows, americans might just notice that there are actual countries and
    other cultures out there, beyond the mere tourist brochures.

    With any luck, my son will never have to decide that he has to shift the
    way he wears his cellphone and pager, since, the load rides too close to
    how one does it if one has to worry about getting that second magazine up
    and reloaded quickly. Maybe my daughter will not have to know why we always
    used the modified weaver stance.

    Maybe this time, 'the war stops with me.'



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