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Date: Sat Mar 31 2001 - 17:15:59 EST

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    William Mandel wrote:
    > So you conclude that the Horowitzes should always be entitled to more
    > ink than us, since they will always be able to buy more advertising
    > space. Is that correct?
    > William Mandel

    That's an easy question to ask, Bill, not so easy to answer.

    Yes, it's true, their side has more money than our side; more money for
    advertisements, more money for lobbying, more money for campaign
    contributions, more money for public relations, more money even to bus
    people to Washington for demonstrations. Is your idea that our side, the
    poor minority, censor their side, keep them from advertising?

    Advertising in what? The Nation, The Progressive and all our other little
    papers? We could do that, but big deal. They own the major media.

    We can solve the political (electoral) imbalance with the clean money
    reform (a system of full public financing), something I've been involved in
    from the beginning. (For details, see the new book, LOST IN WASHINGTON) by
    Barry M. Casper (UMASS Press). Advertising is a much knottier issue. What
    would you? Not rhetorically, but in the real world. How do you suggest we
    create a system whereby progressive/leftist/anti-capitalist arguments have
    the same access to the media as the other side has. Censoring their stuff,
    from our position of weakness, is no way to get our side heard. We just
    legitimize their censorship. The only way I can think is to, yes, let their
    voices be heard and then come back with our own rebuttals.

    Can you think of a better way? (And please don't answer "make a revolution!"
    I'm talking about what can be done in the current situation, today).

    Or to put it another way, do you think DH would have gotten the mileage he
    has gotten on this issue if the college newspapers had simply run his ads
    and used their editorial page to respond to the issue?

    Marty Jezer

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