Re: [sixties-l] (Fwd):Reparatiopns, DH & the Left

Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 17:41:15 EST

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    So you conclude that the Horowitzes should always be entitled to more
    ink than us, since they will always be able to buy more advertising
    space. Is that correct?
                                            William Mandel

    Marty Jezer wrote:

    Do you teach in the social sciences? Consider my SAYING NO TO POWER 
    (Creative Arts, Berkeley, 1999), for course use. It was written as a
    social history of
    the U.S. for the past three-quarters of a century through the eyes of a
    observer in most progressive social movements (I'm 83), and of the USSR
    from the
    standpoint of a Sovietologist (five earlier books) knowing that country
    longer than any
    other in the profession. Therefore it is also a history of the Cold War.
    Positive reviews
    in The Black Scholar, American Studies in Scandinavia, San Francisco
    forthcoming in Tikkun, etc.

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