[sixties-l] disparities

From: Mark Bunster (mbunster@saturn.vcu.edu)
Date: 10/04/00

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    David Horowitz wrote:
    > Actually Mark I wouldn't. Unless you think capitalists don't want to make money then
    > discriminating against women (no matter how sexist their actual attitudes) is not in
    > their self-interest. I.e., if they can get women for less and make more, they will. The
    > same principle applies to flex time dads. Why pay a dad more when you can pay a mom less?
    We do not, as people, generally walk around executing perfect theoretical capitalism. My boss
    may be working (and thriving) under capitalist principles, but he's not using a playbook. Did
    the owner of the lunch kitchen in Greensboro say to himself, "By golly, it just doesn't make
    good capitalist SENSE to turn away business! Here, sit right down and have some coffee! What
    can I get you?"
    I would certainly agree it's not particularly rational to pay women less than men. Surprised
    though I may be, we have in fact apparently come to that harmony. Yet people who make hiring,
    firing and compensation decisions are, in fact, humans subject to mental frailty.
    There are many things that seem beyond sense that are nonetheless true, David.
    But perhaps(!) you'd like to persist in believing it doesn't happen. You do agree that
    disparity exists for those who take relatively more time off for child/elder care,
    however---is this acceptable to you? Are we such slaves to Smith that we cannot acknowledge
    an at least _parallel_ priority to GDP---child rearing?  Are these not bedrock "family
    values," to nurture our kids more closely in the home, to reduce the influence of today's
    mainstream culture as long as possible?
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