Re: [sixties-l] Let's break new ground: The Sixties and the Right

From: John Andrew (
Date: 10/02/00

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    M. Jezer wrote:
    >>The discussion of what this list is about raises the question of what the
    >>sixties were about.
    >>We all assume it was about radical activism, civil rights, anti-war,
    >>personal liberation. But
    >>one could also say it was about the rise of the Right.
    and in response J. Johnson replied:
    >No one couldn't.  Hear of the KKK, the White Citizens Council, Posse
    >Comitatus, etc.  All right-wing to Nazi like groups active from the Fifties
    >and before all the way through the Sixties and there after.
    >In the early Sixties the right was dominate, not only from the groups like
    >the Birch Society but from the Capitalist class itself.  One early anti-war
    >demo was surrounded by hundreds of Birch Society members.  We had rocks
    >thrown at us.  Remember Nixon's hard hats.  We were vilified by right wing
    >media and still are.
    >The country has always had a strong right wing present and agenda.  Nothing
    >new about that.
    >What was new was a strong grassroots, democratic progressive and radical
    >movement using militant, creative and daring tactics.
    >And the government, business and the right launched massive counter
    >revolution actions against this movement and they still are.
    I disagree, chiefly because we are talking about a new "respectable" right
    wing interested in electoral politics rather than the right-wing movements
    you cite, such as the KKK - of course they remained on the scene, but it
    was folks like H.L. Hunt and Fred Schwarz who the JFK admin. worried about
    - and used the IRS to target - from the ruins of the 1960s GOP convention
    arose YAF, and that group, aided by key adults who often operated on
    parallel tracks, boosted the Goldwater candidacy - and became infatuated
    with Reagan after his 1964 speech on A Time for Choosing  backing
    Goldwater. That group remained active, and remains active today
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