[sixties-l] Re: sixties-l-digest V1 #318

From: paul mcisaac (paulmci@rcn.com)
Date: 10/02/00

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    Friends....I'm another one that's leaving this list because it's boring listening
    to D.H. and sad listening to his distracters. For me it's obvious what he's up
    to...he feeds on being attacked. Ignore him, I say. He has nothing new to say and
    is only out to make his opponents look foolish and he's succeeding.  One way or
    another he's out to foul this space...don't ban him, I say, ignore him.
    P.S.  If your in a State were it's clear that Gore or Bush will win the Electoral
    College vote, consider voting for Nader to help build an alternative.
    Paul McIsaac.

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