Re: [sixties-l] New Movie on SDS

From: Chris Shugart (
Date: 09/27/00

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    >as far as i am concerned, horowitz doesnt deserve any chump change for
    >his rants against the revolution........his "community" of yahoos need
    >to be awakened to the truth.......this mnan is nothinbg but a quisling
    Ah, herein lies the left that I've learned to know and love. I was on the 
    trailing edge of the boomer generation and was always more a spectator than 
    a participant. For better or worse, I never got the left. As an 
    unenlightened yahoo, I still don't get it. I've tried. I read everything on 
    this list. But perhaps I'm dim, and never will get it.
    Those who are proposing to banish, dump, or to otherwise send Horowitz to 
    some intellectual Siberia might want to re-evaluate what this list is 
    about. Is this list meant to be an exclusive haven for leftists to express 
    their views free from rebuttal where one can extoll the virtues of the left 
    uncontested? If that's the case, then there's a credibility problem here 
    that may prevent us from ever getting it.

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