[sixties-l] Let's break new ground

From: monkerud (monkerud@scruznet.com)
Date: 09/28/00

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    I thought it was a place where we can discuss issues that concern us.
    Clearly the DH's of the world do not share even the most basic premises
    that others express on this forum. With DH it's like arguing about the
    existence of god, if you want to argue about it well and good, I just could
    care less. DH only attacks any position the left takes and that's good for
    honing skills at detabe etc. But is this the place for it? I think not.
    A more interesting quesiton is why C.S. "doesn't get" what the left is
    about. Does C.S. understand what the right is about? This might be a good
    place to begin. And C.S. has a good point, the left often eats its children
    and spends endless hours in debate about the "correct" and "righteous" and
    "moral" position. (Note the moral outrage at exclusing someone, anyone,
    from this fourm.)
    Perhaps C.S. could begin with some questions? What the hell is the left
    about anyway?
    best, Don Monkerud
    >>as far as i am concerned, horowitz doesnt deserve any chump change for
    >>his rants against the revolution........his "community" of yahoos need
    >>to be awakened to the truth.......this mnan is nothinbg but a quisling
    >Ah, herein lies the left that I've learned to know and love. I was on the
    >trailing edge of the boomer generation and was always more a spectator than
    >a participant. For better or worse, I never got the left. As an
    >unenlightened yahoo, I still don't get it. I've tried. I read everything on
    >this list. But perhaps I'm dim, and never will get it.
    >Those who are proposing to banish, dump, or to otherwise send Horowitz to
    >some intellectual Siberia might want to re-evaluate what this list is
    >about. Is this list meant to be an exclusive haven for leftists to express
    >their views free from rebuttal where one can extoll the virtues of the left
    >uncontested? If that's the case, then there's a credibility problem here
    >that may prevent us from ever getting it.

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