Re: [sixties-l] New Movie on SDS

From: David Horowitz (
Date: 09/27/00

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    > What are you smoking? How can I "disrupt" this forum? Occasionally I post an
    > email, usually directed at a point someone has made. You don't have to respond.
    > And yet people are leaving this list or threatening to just because they can't
    > stand to see my thoughts posted on the list. What's wrong with you? Are you so
    > allergic to different points of view that you can't stand to be in the same
    > "room" with them, even if all you have to do is punch delete to get rid of them?
    > Are you guys trying to prove that you're totalitarians?
    > monkerud wrote:
    >> If I were in a meeting and the person continued to disrupt the meeting or
    >> attack the purpose of the meeting, I'd ask that person to leave. I erase
    >> all messages from and about Horowitz.
    >> As there was evidence presented here that Horowitz is getting paid to
    >> disrupt and attack forums like this one and if it is true, I would ask
    >> Horowitz to leave. If he didn't leave, I'd simply cut him off.
    >> My opinion...
    >> best, Don Monkerud
    >> >Moderator:
    >> >I've pretty much stayed out of the bashing Horowitz stuff, but enough is
    >> >enough.
    >> >Horowitz is paid by right-wing foundations to attack the left.  It's his
    >> >job to attack,
    >> >disrupt and harass radicals. The rest of us are doing this on our spare
    >> >time because
    >> >the subject interests us. I'm certainly not against controversy, but it
    >> >should be honest.
    >> >Howorwitz is not an honest contributor.  He's a paid agitator.
    >> >
    >> >In the interst of full disclosure, Horowitz ought to tell us which
    >> >foundations he's flacking for, and how much they give him.
    >> >
    >> >Marty
    >> >
    >> >At 11:45 AM 9/23/2000 -0700, you wrote:
    >> >>Well, the Sixties wasn't just about sex, drugs and rock and roll, and that's
    >> >>not
    >> >>what the American public thinks. It was also about sappy involvement
    >> >.........

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