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Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 23:08:04 CUT

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    I will put in my 2 cents worth as a 60's person and a jew. Isreal must share
    what it has with its enemies and visa versa. Win/Win solutions are the only
    thing that will avoid big violent confrontations. We are moving from ego
    centered points of view to empathetic and sypathetic points of view. This will
    take some changing on everyone's part. As long as pontifs search the old books
    for answers to or present day problems we will have forever war and

    As Rodney King challenged us: "Can't we all just get along?". I dont know if we
    can but those of us with the will must at least try to change, share and get
    along otherwise we will be fighting forever!

    The ideas of the 60's were not formed "globally" they were formed from
    non-inclusive points of view. Now we all know the truth: we live on a planet in
    space and we all evolved togeather. There is no "chosen people" just people and
    a hell of a lot of them!

    cheers, Country Joe McDonald

    "M. Brody" wrote:

    > I have always thought that people really don't change, even as they
    > mature, gain experience, learn the hard way, etc... the ideals remain. I
    > also feel that I am on a fairly straight path that connects past with
    > present without any reversals. But now I feel it is all coming to a head,
    > all boiling down to that instant in time, very close to now when I raise my
    > Amerikan made M-16, and carefully line up front and rear sights with the
    > chest of he who is running towards me [holding his Russian made AK-47
    > pointed straight at me], and decide if to squeeze the trigger...
    > I would welcome your comments...
    > Menachem Brody
    > Elon Moreh
    > Israel

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