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    > critics of raid
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    > "It's McCarthyite. It's tarring people," says David
    >A guy named John Reese is behind this. He runs the Maldon Institute referred
    >to in the article. Reese has been distributing disinformation to various
    >American police agencies since the '60's. Back then, Reese was a true-blue
    >infiltrator of the New Left and peace groups. He based himself out of
    >Washington DC and ran a movement bookstore as a cover.

            thanks for nameing names. we of us "who were there" need to update the
    "kids" on the ilk of people we ourselves were taken in by for a while, but
    are still around and filing reports under the fronts of "institutes,"
    especially in the remaining enclaves of the ageing Left, Vermont for one.
    Need I reprise the Pogo quote?

            (To the Moderator:) this is an important thread between 60's studies and
    today's movements. I wonder aloud: have the Seattle movement people
    adequately considered counter intelligence? Do they even know what's in
    Chip Berlet's archives? Has anyone told them, or do they shrug it off as
    burned out radical paranoia disruptive of openness and consensus? The
    pre-emptive strike against the warehouse was predictable to the few of us
    who dealt with the red squads from 1964 on. Philadelphia's, one of the
    worse, has apparently become institutionalized. Maybe they're learning on
    the job as we did. The counter-intelligence updating should be an ongoing
    chore, necessary drudgery and dismal., alas, being candid about this is
    also risky. While at once an issue for history, it is also one that the
    moderator must think twice about before admitting to discussion.
    If you know what I mean...
    Robert Houriet


     He also sometimes wore
    >a priestly collar. At the same time he published the Intelligence Digest
    >which went out to police forces all over the country. I'll say this for
    >He knows how to fool people. He fooled a lot of activists in 1968 (including
    >me) and he still manages play a few tricks on cops. And they even pay him
    >the service.
    >Stew Albert

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