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From: William M Mandel (
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 05:13:44 CUT

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    I think Country Joe put it very well. People may be puzzled as his calling himself a
    Jew, considering his surname. His mother was Jewish, which makes him strictly
                        William Mandel

    Joe McDonald wrote:

    > I will put in my 2 cents worth as a 60's person and a jew. Isreal must share
    > what it has with its enemies and visa versa. Win/Win solutions are the only
    > thing that will avoid big violent confrontations. We are moving from ego
    > centered points of view to empathetic and sypathetic points of view. This will
    > take some changing on everyone's part. As long as pontifs search the old books
    > for answers to or present day problems we will have forever war and
    > confrontation.
    > As Rodney King challenged us: "Can't we all just get along?". I dont know if we
    > can but those of us with the will must at least try to change, share and get
    > along otherwise we will be fighting forever!
    > The ideas of the 60's were not formed "globally" they were formed from
    > non-inclusive points of view. Now we all know the truth: we live on a planet in
    > space and we all evolved togeather. There is no "chosen people" just people and
    > a hell of a lot of them!
    > cheers, Country Joe McDonald
    > "M. Brody" wrote:
    > > I have always thought that people really don't change, even as they
    > > mature, gain experience, learn the hard way, etc... the ideals remain. I
    > > also feel that I am on a fairly straight path that connects past with
    > > present without any reversals. But now I feel it is all coming to a head,
    > > all boiling down to that instant in time, very close to now when I raise my
    > > Amerikan made M-16, and carefully line up front and rear sights with the
    > > chest of he who is running towards me [holding his Russian made AK-47
    > > pointed straight at me], and decide if to squeeze the trigger...
    > >
    > > I would welcome your comments...
    > >
    > > Menachem Brody
    > > Elon Moreh
    > > Israel
    > >
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