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From: Joe McDonald (
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 22:53:27 CUT

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    Thanks for the backup Ted. I was thinking today of the 60's List and my
    predicament: to stay or unsubscribe and then a thought popped into my head
    which I will mention now since you brought up the radical Right. I think that
    David Horowitz has perhaps accomplished more than he dreamed of: The Radical
    Left is fragmented now into little esoteric ineffective groups that are mostly
    just flamers AND the Radical Right thanks to David and people like him have
    managed to almost totally destroy the Republican Party. So to his credit, and
    others who engage in his trap of trying to answer his rants, he, and others
    like him on the Left and the Right, have accomplished quite a lot. Dialogue is
    gone and just in-your-face non-negotiable rants and flame are left.

    We all know that our survival is in Win/Win solutions to all problems. With
    the flamers and ranters monopolizing all the air space and making
    non-negotiable demands this is impossible!

    I belong to another list where the moderator does not allow one bit of
    flaming. The minute it starts she cautions it to end and if it continues then:

    If this list is to survive there must be perimeters. Out and out provocative
    posts: Rants and Flames, cannot be allowed. Also really stupid posts that are
    misspelled and do not make sense cannot be allowed. This of course means that
    the moderator
    must READ all the posts and make the hard decisions that this kind of
    leadership demand: to post or not to post that is the question. For us members
    it is to subscribe or unsubscribe that is our question.

    But dammit! I was part of the 60's and think I have a right to be part of this
    list and participate in a way that does not get me so extremely disgusted and
    upset everyday. Even back in the day we made decisions like that. Certain
    people who did not pull their weight and just caused trouble were kicked out
    and the others had to "respect" where everyone was coming from...or at least
    make an effort to. This is not happening now. What we have is nothing less
    than tabloid sensationalistic BS dominated by a tiny handful of people. I am
    going to hang on here and see if anything positive can happen but if it does
    not happen soon I AM OUTTA HERE!

    Peace Out Country Joe McDonald

    Ted Morgan wrote:

    > Good comment, Joe. And whether or not their FBI plants or agent
    > provocateurs, they're Horowitz plants. Everything you say about government
    > or other organizations pertains to the Rightist fringe, too. You're on the
    > money in terms of the impact on the list. I'm basically deleting and not
    > reading anything with a reference to Horowitz. I know quite a few who were
    > active on the revived list, and who could contribute to good, open,
    > with-plenty-of-room-for
    > -disagreement discussion have signed off completely, others have virtually
    > disappeared. So, I'm with you in pleading to the moderator to take an active
    > screening role. Otherwise as long as these *****s continue, the list will
    > die.
    > Ted Morgan
    > Joe McDonald wrote:
    > > It occurs to me that perhaps some of the posters of the "rants" and
    > > "flames" just might be FBI plants or agent provocateurs. ....

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