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Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 23:46:05 CUT

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    << Communists didn't fund protests, say
                      critics of raid


                      "It's McCarthyite. It's tarring people," says David Kairys.

    A guy named John Reese is behind this. He runs the Maldon Institute referred
    to in the article. Reese has been distributing disinformation to various
    American police agencies since the '60's. Back then, Reese was a true-blue
    infiltrator of the New Left and peace groups. He based himself out of
    Washington DC and ran a movement bookstore as a cover. He also sometimes wore
    a priestly collar. At the same time he published the Intelligence Digest
    which went out to police forces all over the country. I'll say this for John.
    He knows how to fool people. He fooled a lot of activists in 1968 (including
    me) and he still manages play a few tricks on cops. And they even pay him for
    the service.
    Stew Albert

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