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From: Ted Morgan (epm2@lehigh.edu)
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 20:27:45 CUT

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    Saw this mind-boggling bit of news in today's Morning Call (Allentown,
    PA). Thought it might cause the list a bit of time-warp.

    Communists didn't fund protests, say
                      critics of raid


                      "It's McCarthyite. It's tarring people," David Kairys,
    a law
                      professor at Temple University, told The Philadelphia
                      "It's reminiscent of the worst of the '50s."

                      The allegations of communist money were only a small
    part of
                      the affidavits supporting search warrants for three
    vehicles and
                      the warehouse. The affidavits, first made public
                      relied most heavily on the direct observations of
                      troopers who infiltrated the warehouse.

                      Police called the warehouse a center of illegal
    activity, while
                      activists say it was a workshop in which they made
    dozens of
                      puppets and a large satirical float.

                      The affidavits stated that the allegations of
    communist funding
                      came from the little-known Maldon Institute.

                      The Maldon Institute, which is based in Baltimore and
    has a
                      mailing address in Washington, is funded, at least in
    part, by
                      Richard Mellon Scaife -- the conservative Pittsburgh
                      philanthropist. Financial forms for Scaife's Carthage
                      show it provided Maldon with $250,000 in 1998, the
                      newspaper reported.

                      The institute's officials did not return repeated
    telephone calls
                      seeking comment.

                      Chip Berlet, who studies conservative and far-right
    groups, said
                      state police erred in using the institute as a basis
    for police

                      "It issues monographs and monitors cults and terrorist
                      and left-wing groups," said Berlet, senior analyst
    with the
                      left-leaning Political Research Associates, based in
                      Massachusetts. "It does so from an old-fashioned
                      counter-subversion perspective that is obsessed with
                      reds under every bed."

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