[sixties-l] list rants and flames

From: Joe McDonald (joe@countryjoe.com)
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 00:50:33 CUT

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    It occurs to me that perhaps some of the posters of the "rants" and
    "flames" just might be FBI plants or agent provocateurs. I know it
    sounds off the wall. But if you think about it: A few people take up
    lots of the 60's list's time posting provocative lengthy diatribes
    designed to make people respond in very radical ways or succeeding in
    "turning off" many list members to participating in the List. This
    behavior is hard to ignore and harder to take for us who are interested
    in having a meaningful dialogue and exchange of information relating to
    the 60's.

    If a government agency or private organization wanted to "shut down" the
    60's list this is a good tactic. Since the list has come back online a
    handful of people have dominated with topics designed to provoke. In my
    opinion this is making the list at best a "joke" at worst a irrelevant
    chat room.

    Of course the decision to post or not to post and even to include or not
    include rests with the moderator. But what good will a 60's list be to
    anyone if it is such a bummer reading most of the posts that you just
    wind up deleting and eventually unsubscribing.

    It should come to no surprise to people on the list that I am one of the
    important movers and shakers of the 60's and I do have lots of things to
    "share" but in the current climate I really find "sharing" impossible
    and very soon if nothing changes I will probably unsubscribe.

    Is this our legacy of the 60's? I think not but it certainly is the
    "climate" on the list at the moment.

    cheers, Country Joe McDonald

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