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    The Old Left has its memorials in the form of graves of people
    like Elizabeth Gurley Flynn near the statue to the Haymarket
    Martyrs in Waldheim Cemetery, Chicago. These things are
    emotionally sufficiently meaningful that I put a picture of
    myself there hunkered down next to the gravestone of William L.
    Patterson, savior of the Scottsboro Boys, into Saying No To
                                William Mandel

    Joe McDonald wrote:
    > wrote:
    > > Don Kalish died yesterday. As some of you may know, he was a central
    > > figure in anti-war activism in the 60's in and around LA especially, where
    > > he was a professor of Philosophy at UCLA until he retired some years back.
    > > He was a great supporter of guys in the Resistance--a few of whom took
    > > advantage of his hospitality, which never troubled him much. And he was
    > > one of the founders of Resist (which, btw, continues as a small
    > > "foundation" supporting progressive organizing and educational work). He
    > > was a serious and interesting philosopher, who kicked the academic habit,
    > > pretty much, to work for and support peace and justice.
    > > Folks have been talking of memorials: what would be an appropriate
    > > one for Don? paul
    > There should be somewhere a memorial to anti war activists who do not have
    > the benifit of govt stipends and burial plots and VA medical care but still
    > "serve" their country. And like the new trend in memorials it should have
    > their names on it. But how to do it is the question? It would take some
    > team work and is that possible today? I for one am into it but it needs to be
    > a group effort. cheers, country joe mcdonald
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