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From: Paul.Lauter@mail.cc.trincoll.edu
Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 17:15:18 CUT

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    Don Kalish died yesterday. As some of you may know, he was a central
    figure in anti-war activism in the 60's in and around LA especially, where
    he was a professor of Philosophy at UCLA until he retired some years back.
    He was a great supporter of guys in the Resistance--a few of whom took
    advantage of his hospitality, which never troubled him much. And he was
    one of the founders of Resist (which, btw, continues as a small
    "foundation" supporting progressive organizing and educational work). He
    was a serious and interesting philosopher, who kicked the academic habit,
    pretty much, to work for and support peace and justice.
            Folks have been talking of memorials: what would be an appropriate
    one for Don? paul

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