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Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 16:02:40 CUT

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    In the materials trimmed below, Joe makes a general statement which
    deserves another, slightly less general statement which is pertinent to an
    earlier Mandel opinion. Even though WWII-era folks are no longer in
    office in large numbers, I believe it is true that a number of beliefs
    shaped by WWII are still predominant -- including the premise prompted by
    "failure to stop Hitler in Munich": if we don't stop them over THERE,
    they will eventually get us over HERE (whoever THEY/THEM might be).

    While some may argue that it was perfectly clear from the beginning of
    time that US military activities overseas have been wrong, the environment
    that youth experienced in the 50's, 60's and beyond (I still find the
    assumption quite strong among my college students today) was
    well-saturated with the "fight over there before they come here" premise.
    In the maelstrom of "right answers" swirling in the public arena in the
    mid-Sixties, the anti-establishment views did not seem to overcome the "go
    along with the system" opinions until the equation of combat deaths plus
    public awareness of official lies finally brought a fair number of
    "establishment" types to oppose the war.

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    > William Mandel wrote:
    > > Simply a matter of fact. The World War II generation is not in
    > > power. Neither Clinton nor Gore. Clinton is younger than you,
    > > Joe. There may still be a couple of WW II-age people on the
    > > Supreme Court, but a minority. Also a few Congressional Committee
    > > heads, very few. Likewise, industry and the banks and
    > > transportation and the army are all run by post-WW II people.
    > > Even Colin Powell, now retired, started in Korea, a whole
    > > different thing than WWII.
    > > Bill Mandel
    > >
    > You know Bill you hit it right on the head! There are 2 groups in the 60's
    > generation: one that did nothing really and one that did it all. The ones that did
    > it all:

    > That second group learned that IT DON'T MEAN SHIT!

    > The World War 2 Consciousness is alive and well in all the power houses of America
    > today and that WWII mentality makes about as much sense in the present as thinking
    > the world is flat.
    > cheers, country joe mcdonald

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