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    > As for the Black Panthers, I met someone working as a driver, a couple
    > years ago, in the East Bay who reminisced on his time working in Oakland with
    > the BP doing aterschool care; there was also that aspect of the Party.
    > Personally, I remember Bobby Seale's friendliness and frankness when he'd
    > come to the PFP office when I'd be working there; generalizations about the
    > Panthers as "criminals" or whatever seem not only rightwing but silly, even
    > now.
    > Paula

    It is public record that COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH dedicated their TOGETHER LP to
    the memory of Bobby Hutton the young Oakland teenager who was killed by Oakland
    Police for being a Black Panther. i remember well walking up the steps of the
    Black Panther house in Berkeley back in the 60's with a thousand dollar check
    for their "breakfast program" for school kids. i am proud of doing that.
    Revolutionary work has its My Lai's because "war is hell". The big difference in
    the so called 60's generation (and any generation for that matter) is between
    those who do something and those who do nothing. I remember well the atmosphere
    of the American War in Vietnam and grew up with the realities of segregation and
    racial hatred it was a living hell! Some of us did what we thought was best,
    some of us did nothing but watch and wait.

    I personally feel that the existence of the Black Panthers empowered black
    Americans in a very important way. Most people are reluctant to admit that the
    Viet Cong and the National Liberation Front and even the North Vietnamese Army
    committed "war crimes", but isn't all war a crime and aren't we all prisoners of
    war, declared and undeclared. Blaming soldiers for war is like blaming fire
    fighters for fire. And blaming the Black Panthers for crimes as they struggled
    for the simplest of American rights and freedoms is silly.

    cheers, country joe mcdonald

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