[sixties-l] Black Panther Party debate

From: Allen Mayes (amayes@nowait.net)
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 01:02:57 CUT

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    Apparently, good intentions are more important than the facts or the
    results. This seems to be the point that many of the Black Panther Party
    apologists who post here are making. This is typical of the radical left
    in general. This type of thinking has been used to excuse countless
    horrors throughout the past century. I think it is time to learn from
    the past instead of reconstructing it to make it more palatable to our
    consciences. Bravo to David Horowitz and others who have fought to bring
    the truth to light.

    Ive noticed that Ron Jacobs accuses Mr. Horowitz of seeing the world in
    absolute terms. Ironically, one of the enduring legacies of the
    sixties left is the tendency of many in our society to view the world in
    precisely those same terms (i.e. oppressors and oppressed). This is a
    legacy with tragic consequences for everyone, but especially those
    people the left claims to care so much about. (more irony!)

    One more thing: Art McGee says Mr. Horowitz possesses a lack of
    intellectual depth. To be honest, one doesnt need much intellectual
    depth to refute the failed ideologies and policies of the radical left.

    Allen Mayes

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