[sixties-l] A Trip to Iceland

From: Allen Cohen (sforacle@hooked.net)
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 00:44:22 CUT

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    I think DH ought to start his own list and get out of the pool. I hear
    is nice this time of year. We could chip in and buy him a ticket,
    if he promises to stay off the list for a couple of months. He
    reminds me of the chief that got so chiefy the whole tribe got up one
     night and left him to be chief all by himself. Maybe we should all
    charter a plane and go to Iceland and leave the list to him . He could
    take all the parts and ask all the questions and have all the answers which
    he does anyway.
           The outlaw history of the sixties would make an interesting epic
    but it doesn't touch the outlaw marauding of Vietnam or the violent
    history of America. The left is always chewing on itself to the glee
    of the powers that be. Is there a plan out there to move the world
    forward a few steps.

     Allen Cohen

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