[sixties-l] Re: misuse of list

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 07:03:40 CUT

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    The use of the list for the ego gratification, or whatever it may be, of
    provoking anger, flames, and subsequent meta-discussions of this provocation
    and of list etiquette, with the likelihood of persons dropping from the list,
    even of crushing the list, seems something that--only when grossly obvious,
    to be sure--is far enough off topic/off subject area, for such posts to be
      Not to name names or call anyone names, but this seems particularly true
    when the poster has previously a history of doing this with the sixties list,
    of disruption--very serious though temporary--of a major left media
    organization, etc.
       As for the Black Panthers, I met someone working as a driver, a couple
    years ago, in the East Bay who reminisced on his time working in Oakland with
    the BP doing aterschool care; there was also that aspect of the Party.
    Personally, I remember Bobby Seale's friendliness and frankness when he'd
    come to the PFP office when I'd be working there; generalizations about the
    Panthers as "criminals" or whatever seem not only rightwing but silly, even

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